Wednesday, July 25, 2012


       Having recently been inspired by Shoshanna Easling, I am embarking on an exciting journey into the world of herbs..... 

       I've grown up knowing the benefits and healing properties of herbs, as well as the culinary uses, however, I've never delved into learning the information as I should. Beginning this summer until... well, however long it takes me, I plan on studying out each herb; being able to recognize them in the wild, harvest them appropriately, learn the culinary uses of each, make poultices, tinctures and the like. 

       About three weeks back, or so, I made a decision to stop eating anything with gluten or sugar in it...(well, I actually have had some sugar - i.e. Vanilla almond milk, yogurt, some dried fruits and then some natural sugar: fruits, pure maple syrup [yes, definitely healthy] and organic honey from our friends). It's been difficult to turn down homemade biscuits, pizza, croutons, tortillas, etc... But, unlike sugar that is eaten in moderation and is used for energy or can be worked off, gluten for my blood type ("O") is not only unhealthy, It is not digestible. So in the following days, weeks and months, I will also be trying out new gluten -free recipes, grinding and making my own flour, and making yummy snacks. 

       I will do my best to blog about each new experience and hopefully you can learn something out of it as well.

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